Scott Kern, M.D.

Associate Professor of Oncology and Pathology

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Contact Information

Cancer Research Building Room 451
410-614-9705 (Fax)
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Research Interests

Genetics and Biology of Human Pancreatic Carcinoma

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The Kern lab uses genetics to study pancreatic cancer, personalized choices for anti-cancer therapy, and chemical toxicity. Recently, we reported that the FAM190A gene was one of the most frequently altered genes in cancer, yet the gene had no known function; we are using proteomic technologies to explore its novel features. After aiding the discovery of the BRCA2 cancer mutations in the 1990s, we are now interested in advising patients of the meaning of mutations of the DNA-repair genes carried in their families and in discovering the chemical hypersensitivities of these tumors that could be used for improved cancer therapy. We use a combination of proteomics and genetics to track down why it is that some genes are aberrantly overexpressed so as to become cancer biomarkers. We are developing high-throughput cellular reporters to screen for genetically damaging substances among drugs, foods, and endogenous metabolites to advise in both food safety and cancer therapy.

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Selected Publications

Hucl T, Rago C, Gorospe M, Kern SE. A syngeneic variance library for functional annotation of human genetic variation: Application to BRCA2 exon 27. Cancer Res 2008; 68:5023-30

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Scrimieri F, Calhoun ES, Patel K, Gupta R, Huso DL, Hruban RH, Kern SE. FAM190A rearrangements provide a multitude of individualized tumor signatures and neo-antigens in cancer. Oncotarget 2011; 2:69

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Ren RY, Patel K, Paun BC, Kern SE. Structural analysis of the cancer-specific mesothelin promoter/enhancer sequences. JBC 2011; 286:11960-9.

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Gallmeier E, Hucl T, Brody JR, Dezentje DA, Tahir K, Kasparkova J, Brabec V, Bachman KE, Kern SE. High-throughput screening identifies novel agents eliciting hypersensitivity in Fanconi pathway-deficient cancer cells. Cancer Res 2007; 67:2169-77.

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