Rafael Irizarry, Ph.D.Image

Contact Information

Department of Biostatistics
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 North Wolfe St. E3035
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 614-5157
(410) 955-0958 (fax)
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Research Interests

We develop quantitative methods and software for genomics and epigenomics. We focus on microarrays and second generation sequencing. These technologies are used to measure diverse high genomic endpoints including genotype, chromosomal abnormalities including deletions/insertions, protein binding sites, methylation, and alternative splicing.

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Selected Publications

Expression Arrays: Preprocessing

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  • RMA. Biostatistics 2003 [PMID: 12925520]
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  • Quantile Normalization. Bioinformatics 2004 [PMID: 12538238]

Expression Arrays: Data Analysis

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  • Gene Expression Barcode. Nature Methods 2007 [PMID: 17906632]
  • Multiple-laboratory Comparison. Nature Methods 2005 [PMID: 15846361]
  • Pooling. PNAS 2005 [PMID: 15755808]
  • Affycomp II. Bioinformatics 2006 [PMID: 16410320]
  • Affycomp I. Bioinformatics 2004 [PMID: 14960458]

SNP chips

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  • SNPaffycomp. Genome Biology 2008 [PMID: 18387188]
  • CRLMM. Biostatistics 2007 [PMID: 17189563]
  • CRLMM Copy Number Tool. Journal of Computational Biology (to appear)


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  • CHARM. Genome Research 2008 [PMID: 18316654]

Tiling Arrays

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  • TIP-chip. PNAS 2006 [PMID: 17101968]
  • Double-tiled Arrays. Nature Methods [PMID: 17060914]


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  • Local Harmonic Estimation in Musical Sound Signals. JASA 2001
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